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Jim Luster

CEO / Team Founder |

About Me

Jim Luster started his career after graduating from college as a restaurateur who owned and operating a fast food and catering business for over a decade. After selling his restaurant, Jims next venture, a tool distributorship, flourished in the pacific northwest for the next 14 years.

In both businesses, he learned the primary element of how the customer (client) always comes first. If you serve your patrons with both integrity and honesty as well as treat them with respect, you grow your business.

Jim started his career in real estate in Spokane in 1996. The essentials learned in the two previous successful companies became more influential in the field of real-estate, because home ownership is the largest investment a person will make in their lifetime.

When helping first-time home buyers, or seasoned clients locate a property, Jim understands that qualities like integrity, honesty, and respect for the buyer’s needs, wants and desires are paramount.

Jim believes that the rewards of serving people with fairness in real estate are beyond measure.

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