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95% of buyers are researching homes on the internet before they contact an agent to go out to see a home.


Why work with the Luster Team?

To give you the greatest experience possible, you need a team of specialists who can help you achieve YOUR goals. The Luster Team will take care of you every step of the way – With years of proven experience working with Sellers, Buyers, and Builders, we bring a level of expertise that is unparalleled in the Spokane area. Making sure your buyers get into homes they want. Everything from contract-to-close is handled quickly, efficiently and with great communication. This is far too much for ONE agent to do with the level of excellence that you deserve, Here is your team:


Luster Team Success Story

FAMILIES SERVED over 300 home sales

TOTALING over $85,000,000 in real estate sales

SUBDIVISIONS 12, from raw land to sold subdivisions

We are high touch, high tech, and high style.


Relety Success Story

SERVED over 25, top 1% Realtors in the US

TOTALING over $35,000,000 increased sales volume for customers

Raising the bar for Real Estate Marketing.

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